The world over loves pizza. It’s the perfect combination of finger food, easy to cook, and deliciousness that makes pizza most people’s go-to when they are too tired to cook a big meal. However, we all know not all pizza is created the same. Part of what makes the pizza is the sauce. Blackjack Pizza in Loveland makes the best pizza with many choices, including different kinds of sauces. In this blog post, we’ll examine what makes a good pizza sauce. Contact us today for pizza delivery service!


  • Original Red. You can’t go wrong with Blackjack Pizza’s classic Original Red sauce. Containing tomato paste, tomato sauce, oregano, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and onion powder, our Original Red sauce is thick and flavorful. The ingredients are simple so you can taste each one. When combined with cheese and toppings, you have nothing but goodness.
  • Ranch. One of Blackjack Pizza’s most requested pizza sauces, our Ranch pizza sauce uses a base of Ranch dressing with fresh seasonings to deliver a scrumptious pizza sure to be the hit of your party.
  • 505 Green Chile. Blackjack Pizza in Loveland loves when people request our pizzas with 505 Green Chile. Made to pack a punch with spices, 505 Green Chile is made from only the best ingredients, including red chile pods, rice flour, lime juice, garlic gloves, oregano, and salt. 505 Green Chile complements the perfect Mexican pizza and adds variety to your pizza party.
  • Olive Oil & Garlic. For the purest at hearts, Olive Oil & Garlic sauce on the best pizza in Loveland will really make your toppings stand out. This simple option is for those looking for a classic Italian pizza who really want their choice of cheese to stand out.
  • KC Masterpiece BBQ. Blackjack Pizza in Loveland believes our KC Masterpiece BBQ pizza is better than a BBQ any night because you get the taste of barbecue in a classic form that’s half the work of firing up the grill. Perfect for meat toppings of all varieties, our KC Masterpiece BBQ pizza wins for long summer nights under the stars.
  • Spicy Ranch. Similar to our best-tasting Ranch pizza sauce, Blackjack Pizza in Loveland’s Spicy Ranch sauce has the same delicious ingredients just with a bit of kick to it. This choice is perfect to satisfy those who love spicy food but want a pizza night as well.


Blackjack Pizza in Loveland offers the best pizza delivery service. Our made-to-order pizzas are made from the freshest and the finest ingredients designed to satisfy not only your craving for pizza, but also your dietary needs as well. Pizza, overall, is the perfect combination of macro-ingredients your body needs to function on a day-to-day basis and provides fuel and energy to do all the outdoor activities Colorado provides. At Blackjack Pizza, we have all the sauce, cheese, and topping options to accommodate any diet and create a pizza that tastes great. Call today to place your order!