At Blackjack Pizza in Loveland, we offer a couple of specialty pies that are bound to please meat lovers, including the Full House. The Full House comes smothered in extra cheese and filled to the crust with sausage, pepperoni, ground beef, and ham. If your mouth is watering at the thought of all that meat, you might be a meat lover. If that’s the case, this blog will speak to you on a spiritual level. Below, we will go over some common problems that all meat lovers will relate to all too much.

When you order a pepperoni pizza and it only has like, three pepperonis on it

You get home from work and you are too exhausted to even think about cooking. Pizza delivery it is! You call up your local pizza joint and order a pepperoni pizza. All you can think about is those juicy, tasty circles of meat sitting on top of an ocean of cheese. Yet when it arrives at your door and you open the box, breathing in that delicious pizza smell, you realize that you have been seriously robbed in the pepperoni department. Pepperoni pizza my eye! It’s a glorified cheese pizza with a couple of pepperonis thrown on there to insult your intelligence. If this ever happens to you, time to ditch that pizza place and start ordering from Blackjack Pizza in Loveland. We will never skimp on pepperoni so you never have to worry about this meat lover problem again.

When your vegetarian friend tells you “meat is murder” while you eat your burger

You’re about to take a bite of a big, juicy cheeseburger when your veggie friends decides to pull a full PETA on you. You don’t have a problem with their vegetarian diet (though how are they not hungry all the time?), but they feel comfortable reminding you that your sandwich used to “moo.” Every meat lover has been there. It’s best to just smile, nod, and enjoy your lunch; after all, you have to feel bad for someone who can’t add bacon to everything.

When someone overcooks your steak

You aren’t a barbarian, so you prefer your steak medium rare at most; anything more than that is a crime against the meat gods. Yet, in a restaurant or at a friend’s house for dinner, someone has tried to serve you a steak that has been cooked into a tough brick. You might choke it down to be polite (and, overcooked or not, you hate to waste a good cut of beef), but inside you are crying about what could have been.

When people trick you into eating fake meat

You’re heading to a cookout, which means one thing: grilled meat! You’re pumped and ready to go, and when you arrive at the party, you line up for the first brat. One of your “friends” hands you your brat in a bun and you dose it with ketchup and chomp down immediately, expecting a mouthful of meaty goodness. Instead, you are met with some vegetables and tofu that someone ground up into a tube-shaped mockery. There is nothing like the betrayal of realizing that you have been fed some soy monstrosity instead of the hearty meat you deserve. When this happens, it is best to toss the fake stuff, get back in line, and never trust that tricksy friend again.

If you relate to any of these #meatloverproblems, then it’s time to kick back and order a Full House or one of our other meat-filled pizzas from Blackjack Pizza. Our Loveland pizza specials ensure that you can have your pizza and eat it, too! Check out our current specials here so you can celebrate your meat lovers status with pepperoni, sausage, ham, beef, chicken, bacon, anchovies, or all of the above! Meat on!