Whether you are the coach or just a parent of one of the players, planning a pizza party for the kids’ sports team is a great idea, and Blackjack Pizza in Loveland would be honored to provide the main event! However many pizzas you need to feed your sports team, we can make them, and deliver them to you ASAP. Here are just a few of the reasons why having a sports team pizza party is a fantastic plan.

Kids love pizza

It is undeniable that children love pizza. You don’t have to have kids to know that is true! There is just something that the cheesy goodness of pizza that kids everywhere love. The other great thing about pizza? Adults love it too, so it is as easy to feed the chaperones as it is to feed the kids.

Teamwork is worthy of celebration, win or lose

Whether your team won or lost the big game doesn’t matter. Your pizza party should be a celebration regardless because teamwork is something to celebrate. As long as your players showed sportsmanship and worked together, who cares about the points at the end of the game? They are learning valuable lessons and having fun either way. Now that warrants a pizza party!

Blackjack makes it simple and convenient

Maybe best of all, throwing your sports team a pizza party is one of the easiest celebrations you can put together. At Blackjack Pizza, we offer a variety of Loveland pizza specials that make ordering pizza for your party not only simple, but inexpensive. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of our Loveland pizza specials for your sports team today!