It is not hard to believe that pizza is ranked the World’s Most Popular Food. Think about the last time you had pizza for any meal. Statistically speaking, it was probably within the last 30 days. Studies have shown that pizza sales are increasing throughout the world. Pizza is easily accessible in most cities, towns, and countries. The cost effective and versatile nature of the pizza makes it incredibly popular. In Loveland, Colorado we understand why pizza consumption is so high across the board. The Loveland pizza deals from Blackjack Pizza make it the perfect food for families who are on the go, or students who are strapped for cash.

Pizza consumption has been tracked by U.S Department of Agriculture over the years. These statistics show why pizza is so popular within the United States. One of the most interesting statistics that was found was that men consume pizza at a higher rate than women. This statistic is true for children, adolescents, and adults. The study  also showed that children eat more pizza than adults.

While children may eat more pizza per month than adults, this does not mean that adults do not enjoy their pizza. Loveland pizza deals make pizza from BlackJack an easy, quick, and efficient way to feed a lot of people with minimal work and stress. The pizza delivery services across the United States also make pizza easily accessible at any time during the day. College students love the fact that pizza is available for their late night study sessions, all-night gaming experiences, and movie nights.

There are many more reasons why the entire world loves pizza. The cost and the versatility of pizza make it an option for even the pickiest or penny-pinching individual. In Loveland, Colorado pizza is incredibly popular and BlackJack offers the best quality and the best deals in the area. Pick out your favorite, or build your own! Give us a call today!