Everyone knows that BlackJack Pizza in Loveland, Colorado is the best Loveland pizza delivery service available! The convenient delivery times makes eating your favorite pizza a reality most any time of the day. Choosing what type of pizza you want may be the hardest decision that you make today! Now we know that BlackJack is the best, but did you know that there are tons fun facts about pizza?

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  1. Popular pizza topping vary by location.

  2. Common toppings in Japan consist of squid!

  3. Approximately 3 billion pizzas are sold annually in the United States.

  4. Pizza was developed as a convenient and cheap way to feed thousands of broke, working class people.

  5. Pizza gained popularity in the United States before it was widespread in Italy.

  6. National Pizza Month is celebrated in October and began in 1984!

  7. Pizza delivery sales spike exponentially the day of Superbowl.

  8. Over 90% of Americans have eaten pizza in the last month.

  9. Pizza tends to be the favorite food for children under the age of 12.

  10. The Pizza Expo is held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada during the month of March.

  11. On average, every American will eat 46 slices of pizza per calendar year.

  12. Saturday is the day most people choose to eat pizza.

  13. The largest pizza ever was created in South Africa in 1990 and weighed 26,883 lbs.

  14. Pizzerias account fotr 17% of all restaurants.

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