Here at Blackjack Pizza in Loveland, we love many different kinds of pizza, whether it’s our Mediterranean Chicken pizza or the Full House. However, there are some pizza toppings that, for whatever reason, are highly controversial. If you’ve ever gotten into a fierce topping debate when ordering a pizza, you know what we’re talking about. In this blog, we will go over some of the most controversial pizza toppings.


Pineapple is one of those toppings that, when it comes up as a suggestion, half the room says, “Oh yeah!” and the other half pretends to gag. While once exclusive to the few restaurants that served Hawaiian pizzas, nowadays, pineapple is a staple topping at any pizza place. Whether it’s your favorite or you just can’t get behind fruit on your pizza, pineapple always opens up a fierce debate about pizza toppings.

Green peppers

What many people dislike about green peppers is that they have a high water content, so they can make a pizza a bit wet. Still others love the texture that adds crunch to every bite. Either way, the most common half/half pizza features green peppers on one half and pineapple on the other, demonstrating how polarizing both these toppings can be.


You gotta love a pizza topped with pepperoni and mushrooms, right? Wrong! Mushrooms is one of those pizza toppings that some people love and other people hate. Some people can’t get behind eating a fungus, while others love the texture and earthy taste of mushrooms. Either way, prepare yourself to put up a fight when it comes to mushrooms on pizza.


At Blackjack, we offer a number of specialty pizzas that include pizza, such as our Western BBQ Chicken or Santa Fe. While these are popular orders, you’d be surprised by how many people are vehemently against chicken on pizza. Whether it is because they are pepperoni pizza purists or just don’t like chicken, if you are trying to order a chicken pizza with a new friend, keep a second choice in mind in case they are a chicken-pizza hater.


This is one of those toppings that makes certain people wretch, while others can’t get enough of them. The strong flavor is tasty to some, but too overpowering for others. There are also many people who wouldn’t touch any fish with a ten-foot pole. If you are an anchovy enthusiast, it may be best to order your own personal pizza in a group setting… just don’t be surprised if your companions comment on the strong fishy smell!


Some people love the kick of spice jalapenos add to any dish, while others are too sensitive to the heat to enjoy it on their pizza. If you love the burn but your fellow diners can’t take it, you can add them to half your pizza as a nice compromise.


Olives are a polarizing pizza topping; you either love them or you hate them. What makes them even more controversial is that you can get either green or black olives on your pizza, which creates a schism among olive lovers. The more people who will be eating the pizza, the less chance you have of meeting your own olive tastes, so be prepared to get shot down if you have very specific olive requirements for your pizza.

At Blackjack Pizza, regardless of which toppings you put on your pie, you can trust our pizza delivery in Loveland to provide you with the tastiest pizzas in Northern Colorado. Hungry yet? Order online today for speedy and delicious pizza delivery in Loveland!