We don’t think we’re exaggerating when we say that pizza is the best food in the whole world. Whether you’re in Colorado or Croatia, the best thing you can order at any restaurant is a big old pizza pie. Of course, here in Loveland, we believe the best place to order a pizza is, you guessed it, Blackjack Pizza. However, we are not so egotistical to believe that we make the best pizza in the whole world! That’s got to come from Italy, the original home of pizza. However, Italian and American pizza are actually quite different, so it may not be fair to compare them. If you have never been to Italy to taste the pizza, you may not be aware of the many differences between them. In this blog, we will go over the primary differences between the pizza you order in Rome and the pizza delivery you get from Blackjack Pizza in Loveland.


One major difference between American pizza and Italian pizza is the sauce used. In the USA, you are familiar with the traditional red sauce on pizza, which is made by slow cooking tomatoes. Of course, at Blackjack Pizza, we also have other sauces, such as ranch, green chile, BBQ, olive oil/garlic, and spicy ranch. In Italy, they don’t use these types of sauces; instead, they are more likely to utilize olive oil, fresh tomatoes, oregano, and garlic, which infuses into the crust.


Meat lovers, you may want to cancel that trip to Italy you’ve been planning. In the US, eating a meat lovers’ pizza is as easy as ordering pizza delivery from Blackjack online! Our Full House pizza includes pepperoni, ham, Italian sauce, and beef, for example. On the other hand, Italians are not so fond of Americans’ propensity to pile meat on top of pizza; they believe that one meat at a time allows you to more fully appreciate the flavors. Whether you agree with them or you are horrified by the idea of NOT eating a minimum of three meats on your pizza, we have your back here at Blackjack Pizza.


In Italy, there is a lot of variation in terms of crust. All over the country, different cities and towns have their own interpretation of pizza crust in terms of thick and thinness. Some use very thin crusts so they are almost like a cracker! In America, we have thin crust, but not THAT thin. Additionally, we have deep dish crust, which is an entirely American invention. Some crusts are so thick here (like in Chicago), it’s more like eating a hearty piece of bread with pizza toppings on top!

Variety of toppings

In Italy, pizza began as a simple dish that was sold on the streets of Napoli. America took pizza to the next level, inventing a wide variety of types of pizza with some toppings that probably sounded insane to Italians. For example, Hawaiian pizza (pineapple and ham) was invented by Americans. Today, you can get such a wide selection of pizza toppings, it’s hard to know which to choose!

Are you ready for a slice of American pizza pie? Blackjack Pizza has you covered! Order online today, or call us at (970) 669-1717.