It’s the end of a long day, and you have been craving pizza all day. However, you are trying to watch what you eat and make healthier choices. Before giving up all hope, know that you can have your pizza, and eat it too! At Blackjack Pizza, we offer the best Loveland pizza delivery, so we understand why you crave our tasty pies. We also understand that traditional pizzas are not light on calories, and when you are counting them, it can be difficult to justify that pizza order. However, there is nothing to fear; we offer the ability to custom order your pizza with whatever you like! With that kind of freedom, you can make a healthier pizza for you and your family. Here are some tips for making your pizza as healthy as possible.

Opt for thin crust

Thin crust pizza has far fewer calories than thicker crusts. You can save 100 calories a slice by going with thin crust over deep dish, and 60 calories for going thin over original hand-tossed.

Order tomato sauce

Our original red sauce has fewer calories than the other sauce options. You can save 250 calories simply by going with traditional tomato sauce or olive oil and garlic instead of our ranch sauce.

Go light with cheese

Cheese, while delicious, is full of calories. Opt for light or regular cheese instead of extra cheese. This can save you nearly 100 calories per slice of pizza!

Choose lots of veggies

Vegetables are heart-healthy, and help bulk up your pizza without many extra calories. Some of our favorite veggies include green peppers, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and artichokes.

Limit meat

Meat has protein, which helps you feel fuller for longer. However, some meat pizza toppings are high in fat. Opt for chicken breast if you must have meat.

At Blackjack Pizza, we have the best Loveland pizza delivery. Call us to order your healthier pizza today!