Summer is almost over, so it’s time to squeeze in one last pool party before things start to cool down! Whether it is a birthday party or an end-of-summer celebration, when you have a pool party, we know the perfect meal to serve. You guessed it: it’s pizza! Pizza is the perfect breakfast, lunch, or dinner for any occasion, in our humble opinion, but it can have special benefits for your pool party. Read on for the top three reasons why you should feed your guests pizza after

It’s portable

It doesn’t matter whether your pool party is in the backyard or the community center; wherever you go, you can seamlessly bring pizza with you. There is no easier way to feed a group of people when you’re on the go. Keep your pool party as simple as possible by simply ordering one of our Loveland pizza specials before your party and bringing it with you, OR just call us to deliver directly to you!

It’s customizable

The beauty of pizza is that there are so many different variations, and you can order it to be made exactly as you like it. This is particularly advantageous when you are ordering for a group, which will inevitably be composed of different palates. You can get a meat lover’s pizza, a veggie pizza, a white pizza, and a BBQ chicken ranch pizza and please a wide variety of people.

It’s delicious!

Simply put, pizza is delicious. You cannot deny that there are few things in life more delectable than that first bite of hot, gooey, tasty pizza! You will make all of your guests happy by serving them pizza because it is just that good.

Are you ready to take your pool party to the next level? Take advantage of one of our Loveland pizza specials; call Blackjack Pizza or order online today!