Our signature version of the supreme pizza, the Good Deal has a load of toppings at a reasonable price point. On top of our signature sauce and mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and sausage lead a spicy charge that blends beautifully with the zest of green bell peppers and red onions, finishing off the quintet are the mushrooms to provide an earthy balance to this zesty classic. Sure to be a crowd-pleaser, this is a good pizza for any party or large gathering.

For a pizza that blasts the palate with flavor, call us today! Find out why the Good Deal is the Supreme of the supreme pizzas.

Available Pizza Sizes & Price:GoodDeal

12″ – Medium Good Deal Pizza – $12.99

Small Pan Pizza – $9.99

14″ – Large Good Deal Pizza – $14.99

Large Pan Pizza – $14.99

16″ – Extra Large Good Deal Pizza – $17.99