At Blackjack Pizza we take great care in selecting the highest quality ingredients to insure that you always get a Better Tasting Pizza, At a Better Price. We use only select grade, U.S. domestic products that conform to the regulations in the “Buy American Act of 1999.” Our pizza ingredients not only taste great, but we have your health and food safety as our top priorities. We know food allergens are a major concern to a large segment of consumers so we have taken precautions to eliminate the presence of any peanuts, peanut oil, nuts, and/or MSG in our pizza ingredients.

Over our 24 years in business we have made continuing efforts to improve the nutrition of our pizza. Our fresh, never frozen hand-tossed pizza dough is made with soybean oil that is 100% trans-fats free, is low in saturated fat and contains no cholesterol. And unlike some of the national pizza chains our hand-tossed dough is not made using high-fructose corn syrup. We use 100% mozzarella cheese, our pizza sauce is made from fresh-packed tomatoes, our meat toppings are all natural and use only freshly-cut vegetable toppings. None of our pizza ingredients contain any eggs.

If you compare taste and nutrition of a Blackjack Pizza to almost any other brand you will find peace-of-mind knowing that your pizza tastes great, is lower in total calories, fat calories, sodium and does not contain ingredients that can cause severe allergic reactions. Call your local Blackjack Pizza location tonight and enjoy the best pizza in town!

Ingredient List